BettaWerks VS HubSpot

A side by side comparison. 

BettaWerks VS HubSpot

Bettawerks vs HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular Marketing, Sales and Service platform. A free for life CRM offering is available but it is limited in capabilities. You’ll quickly realize that to perform marketing competitively you’ll need to upgrade to paid plans.

Instead of migrating you through more expensive plan. BettaWerks starts you out with all our marketing features at $49.  No need to move to more expensive plans because there are no more features to buy. You already have them all at your fingertips! 

Call now. We will assign a dedicated marketing expert to smooth your transition by facilitating your list migration, campaign creation, automation, training and more.


You’ll spend thousands at HubSpot to match the number of features BettaWerks offers.


We compared $50 monthly plans. If you are going to compete in the marketplace shouldn’t you have all the tools? 

BettaWerks plans include all features beginning at $49 per month.

Market to 15,000 potential customers. It’s a numbers game – the more customers who learn about your service or product, the greater the opportunities.

Talk to one of our marketing experts today and put full-features marketing automation to work for you.

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