BettaWerks VS Mailchimp

A side by side comparison. 

BettaWerks VS Mailchimp

BettaWerks vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a popular Email marketing platform. Like other email-only platforms, they are slowly adding other marketing capabilities but they are limited. The fact that email-only platforms are slowly adding other marketing feature sets, proves the valuable and effectiveness of digital marketing automation.

Why wait for your provider to provide you with benefits that could help you find and close that big deal? Every BettaWerks plan includes our entire marketing automation feature set. Even our least expensive plan. You could pay us less money and get a ton of effective lead-producing marketing features today!

Call now. We will assign a dedicated marketing expert to smooth your transition by facilitating your list migration, campaign creation, automation, training and more.


You’ll spend thousands at Mailchimp to match the number of features BettaWerks offers.


BettaWerks plans include all features beginning at $49 per month. We don’t limit the suite of marketing automation features and force you to upgrade to more expensive plans to get them.

With comparable marketing to 15,000 potential customers Mailchimp is nearly three time more expensive.Worse yet, the number of features from Mailchimp are miniscule. It will cost you thousands each month to match the power of BettaWerks marketing feature set.


Marketing is a numbers game – the more customers who learn about your service or product, the greater the opportunities.

Most importantly, we let you purchase U.S. B2B and B2C contact lists and upload them to our software. You can’t do that at Mailchimp! Or anywhere else for that matter. BettaWerks is the ONLY marketing platform that gives you this head start.

Talk to one of our marketing experts today and put full-features marketing automation to work for you.

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