If you are new to BettaWerks, you’ll quickly learn that we do things differently than most online marketing companies. The extra effort is worth it because in the end you have greater flexibility, potential and savings.


STEP 1: Create an Amazon SES account

This is one of the first steps you take. If you don’t already have an email gateway then Amazon is the most affordable way to go.

You pay 10 cents for every 1,000 emails sent. 100,000 emails costs approximately $10.00.


Why the 24 to 48 hour wait?

It takes time to set up application and database servers and configure them correctly. Our plans let you own all your data and assets and you can download them anytime.

This isn’t like the popular SaaS marketing companies who throw you onto a service with a lot of other companies. You get your own instance.


Why a one-time setup fee?

There is a cost associated with setting up separate application and database servers. We load the application and setup the database. Then each has to be configured properly.

Once the environment is set up your only expenses will be the monthly plan and your email transmissions through Amazon SES. (10 cents per 1,000 emails). You will be pay Amazon directly because you will own the email account that has been set up for your domain.


STEP 2: Create a new email account

This new email account is used by our system to report bounced emails, to receive customers out of office notifications, etc..

This account prevents the many responses to your email transmissions from cluttering your regular business email. 


What if I exceed the contact limit?

No worries. We’ll notify you that you’ve exceeded the amount. If it is a small overage we won’t invoice it until the next monthly billing cycle.

Excessive overages need to be resolved quickly. It can be pro-rate based upon the number of days the overage occurred.

If you are on a free trial and exceed 1,000 contacts you will be contacted to resolve the matter within 24 hours to prevent automatically being invoiced for the plan equivalent to the number of contacts loaded.


Are there any restrictions?

You do agree to the following restrictions:
1. You agree to load only U.S. contacts
2. Purchased lists are validated via Zero Bounce and you provide the validation Excel to us.
3. BettaWerks is not responsible for Amazon SES actions.

Other than that, it’s rock-n-roll time!

Check out more FAQ’s on our Free Trial page.

About BettaWerks

If you are new to BettaWerks, you’ll may want to know more about us and why you should trust our experts and our marketing platform.

What We Can Do For You

BettaWerks will help you learn to use Marketing Automation software to get your brand noticed and increase your sales leads. You can decide to do your own marketing and we’ll increase your proficiency through videos and hired training sessions. We can help you plan and excute your marketing through email, dynamic web  content, asset control, social marketing and more.

Business Growth

Increase your marketing without breaking your budget. Generate sales leads and close more business.

Strategy & Planning

Our experts will help you plan your marketing strategy and schedule an implementation plan.

Online Training

Subscribe for $49 per year to get access to our “How To” videos. If you want additional help, let us know.

Marketing Services

Tell us what you want and let us build everything for your approval and we’ll kick it off to reach your contacts.

Why BettaWerks?

It isn’t all about the low prices. It’s the level of commitment and expertise at your fingertips. It is a superbly feature rich solution that increases the eventuality of sales. Our goal is your success. If you want to talk with our experts before you commit, we’d love to get to know you and how we can help.

U.S. Based

BettaWerks is a U.S. Government certified Veteran Owned business. We are committed to excellence. Let’s build something together.



Connect with our consultants to help with all aspects of marketing and design services. There are no long term contracts. Your requirements are gathered and we quote our work before starting. We never exceed our estimated quote.


It’s great to have someone to turn to when you forgot how to perform a complicated task. We’re here to help you; not nickle and dime you. If you have a quick question to get past an obsticle our team is here to give you a boost any time you need it.


Your contacts and thier associated data belongs to you. BettaWerks secures your data behind protective firewalls and we regularly back up in case of an emergency. The main requirement we have is that contacts are U.S. based.


Planning your next big marketing effort? Need help with concepts and planning? The more input received the better the idea and ultimate vision. If your mission statement is to grow more sales leads and to build your brand, we can help. Try us.

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

We’ve tried to include information that would be most useful to you. Still, we’d enjoy chatting about your project and answering your questions. Every time we talk with customers, we gain as much as we give.