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BettaWerks is dedicated to your success. Your cost per contact is fixed for 24 months and our training and support continually evolves, so you always have the latest marketing knowledgebase. No one is more committed to your success and only BettaWerks let’s you load purchased Email lists. If you’ve done your homework and compared the level of features and price we give you, there’s no better ROI anywhere else on the planet. Let BettaWerks be your unfair marketing advantage!

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The latest marketing technology is nothing short of miraculous. BettaWerks puts the latest email marketing, marketing automation and CRM power in everyone’s hands…affordably.

If you need an unfair marketing advantage that grows your business, not your expenses, then pick one of our plans and start a new campaign today. You deserve Betta and your customers deserve Betta.

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Understand the interest level of thousands of potential customers. Offer only what they are most likely to want or need. BettaWerks tells you what your contacts are interested in and the level of their interest so you can pinpoint your efforts and time them to achieve better success.

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