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How to Add Contacts

Learn how to add your contacts and take one of the first steps toward Marketing Automation.

8 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Begin Your First Campaign

All the steps have prepared you for your first marketing campaign. Find out how easy it is to create and kickoff your first campaign.

8 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Sending Newsletters using Segments

Segment contacts and customers into segments based upon your knowledge about them. Send newsletters specific to one or many segments.

7 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Attracting Leads with Assets

Providing a downloadable asset to your contacts and customers is an excellent way to gauge their interest level in a topic, productor service.

12 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Building an A/B Email Campaign

You have two great ideas. Which one should you use? Try both in an A/B campaign and watch which performs best and then switch to it 100%.

5 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Using Components: Slot-Based Dynamic Content

Once you’ve become comfortable with Marketing Automation and are experiencing results, its time to dynamically change data that each customer sees on your website based upon their interests.

7 min.            CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Reporting and Tracking Results

Learn ways to track results, how to customize your dashboard and more. Learn about your contacts interests and for your selling opportunities.

7 min.            CLICK HERE TO WATCH

TECHNICAL: Install Mautic WP Plugin & Add Gated Video to Your Website

The best way to know your customers and anonymous web visitors is to track their activity on your site. If they visitor is unknown, you can present an asset based upon the pages they visited. They provide a name and email for the asset and now they and their interests are known.

5 min.            CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Jackie & Vicki


Jackie and Vicki have years of experience in the marketing arena and are Mautic experts. They know industry guidelines and optimum Marketing Automation features for small startup businesses and large enterprises.

Because BettaWerks does not withould any features, learning them will take time. Jackie and Vicki will design your plan around your company goals and guide you every step of the way. Both of them have the ability to simplify even the most complicated tasks. With their training, you’ll be an expert in no time.

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