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Not only will your new plan give you an unfair marketing advantage over your competition, but you’ll pay less too!



We are announcing that the limit of U.S. customers for 2022 Q1 has been reached!

No new customers are being receivedd at this time. We will allow new client onboarding in Q2.

If you are interested in one of our programs and the free customer list. please provide your business details in our contact form.

If you sell B2C please contact us before you purchase a plan.

With BettaWerks you possess the most powerful marketing platform starting at $12 per month. The only difference between each of our plans is the number of contacts you load. 

Every plan comes with the following features and more. Unlimited Email, Unlimited Templates, Unlimited Automation, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Lead Assignment, Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited A/B Testing, Unlimited Automation, Unlimited Drip Campaigns, Unlimited Custom Data Fields, Unlimited Calls To Action, Automatically load Webinar Attendees, Unlimited Contact Tracking & Analysis, Unlimited Custom Even Triggers, Dynamic Website Content, Unlimited Lead Nurturing, Unlimited Point/Lead Scoring, Unlimited Smart Contact Capture Forms, Social Campaigns, Social Media Monitoring, Unlimited Text Messaging, Unlimited List Segmentation, Unlimited Workflows, YouTube Logging/Tracking, Unlimited Video-Gated Forms, Unlimited Web Forms, Web Notifications, Unlimited Website tracking/All pages & All visits, Integrates with over 25 other products like our CRM product. You are allowed to load purchased email contact lists but they need to be validated through ZeroBounce first.



Our plans require an Amazon SES account.

Go here to set up an Amazon SES Account


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Frequent Questions

We keep things simple. Every plan comes with every marketing automation feature.

Only the size of your contact list determines your monthly price. We want you to grow your business, not ours.

Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee. We create a separate instance specifically dedicated to your business. You own the data. In the future, you could hire us to set up your own in-house marketing or you can move all your data elsewhere.

 I’m new to marketing. How do I start?

Select the plan meeting the size of your contact list. Then, do-it-yourself, hire our professionals to run your marketing campaigns, watch our training videos or hire one of our expert/seasoned marketing trainers.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you paid for a year in advance then the unused pre-paid months are refunded base upon your actual charges. For instance, if you paid a discounted price, the refund will be based upon that. There are no pro-rated refunds for unused days in the same month of cancellation. Charges are month-to-month.

Are there any restrictions?

You do agree to the following restrictions:
1. You agree to load only U.S. contacts
2. Purchased lists are validated via Zero Bounce
3. BettaWerks is not responsible for email provider results

Why do I need a separate email provider?

Amazon SES or Elastic Mail is required to allow you to send emails from your domain. It also adds a layer of protection to your actual domain so that if, through some unexpected issue, your bounce rate is high, your domain is not negatively impacted.

Why are your prices so low?

When I discovered this marketing solution I realized that other businesses needed it. Not just because it offers all the power and versatility that other marketing platforms but most importantly, the cost is negligable by comparison.

Are there annual discounts?

Yes we offer a 10% discount for annual payments. Please phone or email us to discuss startup business and non-profit rates. Our goal is to help you build your business ….not ours. (425) 367-9025 or

What is the tracking code for?

Mautic uses a tracking code to follow visitors across your website. Visiting paterns reveal interest levels. Additionally, known contacts, can be presented with customized web content that others won’t see.

Do you have a free trial?

We can provide one for a period that you specify but our plans are so inexpensive that most users feel that a free trial is unnecessary.

Can I load a purchased contact list?

YES! But there are conditions:
1. List must be validated  and only validated emails can be loaded.
2. Only U.S. Contacts are allowed.
3. Notify us before uploading a list especially if it is large.

What training is available?

How To videos are available to members. Basic videos are free. Webinar and on-site training is available upon request. In time, a training section with videos and training programs will become available.

After purchase, when can I use it?

We now provision your new marketing automation within minutes after you order it and there are no setup charges. You can update and cancel your plan at any time. Phone (425) 367-9025 after sign up and we will phone to clarify the process and set expectations.

Will you create marketing plans?

Yes! And our in-house team will plan your marketing and build your automation campaigns. You determine the scope of each project such as email, landing pages, texting and more.

Why are BettaWerks plans better?

All our plans provide every unlimited marketing automation features at no extra cost!  Others charge more when you need the features that give you the best results. We just give them to you right out of the gate…even the $12 monthly plan.

What types of payment do you accept?

A credit card is required for online payments. We do not save your card information on our server. If you wish to pay by check or direct deposit contact us by phone or email.  (425) 367-9025 / 

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