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Help your sales people concentrate on assigned leads and closing more sales while leadership gains visibility over the entire sales cyle. Identify star performers and uncover areas needing improvement. You’ll get more features than the leading CRM currently in the marketplace. Since we use the latest UI design methodologies, we’re easy to use so your staff is going to love it!

Assign contacts to sales people

Rreturning contact alert

Migrate your SalesForce data

More features Lower Cost

Our Services

CRM organizes raw data about your customers into cohesive insights.

Uptime Guarantee

BettaWerks guarantees your up-time. If you experience an outage longer than 4 hours we will give you credit for a month of service. We want to share in your success and that means keeping your CRM solution available 24 x 7 x 365. More importantly we hope you’ll be so happy with our offerings that you tell others about us.

Secure Backups

We all know that setting a good backup plan is imperative. BettaWerks provides reliable CRM backup services for your peace of mind. Tell us how frequently you want backups performed. If you don’t know, we’ll provide industry guidelines.

Marketing Automation

BettaWerks Marketing Automation fits perfectly with our CRM. Both are powerful by themselves. Together they are a marketing dynamo with an amazingly set of features at a price point that’s too good to believe. Sign up today before we come to our senses.

Other Services

1. CONSULTING: Ensure a smooth transition from your current CRM to BettaWerks.

2. TRAINING: User Training and Admin Training.

3. CONNECTIVITY: Our Marketing Automation connects seamlessly with CRM and they exchange data bidirectionally. We can configure this for you at any time.

4. SUPPORT PLANS: Priced for your business need based upon services such as response time needed, email, portal or phone support and number of users.


Safe & Secure

Your customers and all associated data belongs to you. Your environment is not shared with anyone else so there is no chance someone else might accidentally access your data. Do anything you want with your data; it’s yours.

If you are on another platform like SalesForce, and don’t want to lose your historical information, move all your data with a self-serve migration tool.¬†

Dedicated Support

On the technical side, our team of experts will perform free upgrades and patches.

BettaWerks CRM is user friendly. Still, if you need training our marketing experts can show you step-by-step.

You can even hire them to do all the work for you so you can enjoy closing sales.

Migrate to BettaWerks

Our CRM is so flexible that it is the perfect choice to migrate from any other proprietary solution like Dynamics, SalesForce, HubSpot and SugarCRM regardless of complexity.

We can ensure a smooth and uneventful migration to our CRM with minimal downtime and pain points.

You will gain more features. You’ll own all your data and business processes and in trade you will spend considerably less.

CRM Explaned

What is CRM?

Efficient means to manage business relationships

CRM allows businesses to enhance customer relationships with your business by improving communications, boosting sales processes and maximizing efficiencies to maximize profitable.

Know your customers and their needs

Gain clarity about your customers needs and their perceptions of your business. Measure productivity, response to customers and deliver a cohesive businesswide experience.

Improve Business Strategy

What worked yesterday to gain sales will most likely be ineffective in the future. CRM can provide advanced insights to allow the business to shift strategies based upon real-time information.

Our Features

Enjoy Full-Featured Enterprise-level CRM with every plan!

Every plan we offer, from the smallest to the largest, gives your business all CRM features plus some you won’t find on typical CRM offerings. We don’t force you to sign up for more expensive plans in order to get additional features. You get them all – day one!

Want to move from another more expensive platform with less features? Let us help you plan and migrate your data. Gain more flexibility and organization. The only loss you’ll experience is the cost!

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Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

If you are ready to step on the sales throttle, we’re ready to kick your marketing into high gear. We promise to give you more features, more seat licenses and more marketing power for a lot less than you pay now. BettaWerks CRM is a lot easier to use too!

Easy Setup

Say “Yes” to smooth business operations.

Select one of our plans and consult with our experts today to bring more marketing power, organizatrion and versatility into your business. We will build and configure your CRM to fit your specific business needs perfectly! Be fully functional, in about 3 days.

Let our CRM consultancy experts provide you with CRM configuration guidance, marketing automation and campaign development to establish the perfect balance between sales, marketing, projects, invoicing and more.

True! Our prices are unbelievably low and you get tons of more features and capabilities than other providers. It’s all the more reason why you should buy now before we come to our senses.

Every plan includes all the CRM features.

Free Discovery Phase & Goal Setting.

Full compatibility with Marketing Automation

Bi-directional communication with MA

Very user friendly with the latest UI design

Comprehensive video training available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Worthy User & Admin Training

Subscribe to purchase training videos for your entire organization to learn from. Training is segregated into three categories: Users, Admins and Technical.

600% Uptime Guarantee

CRM and Marketing Automation are critical business systems. We guarantee  24/7 availablity or we will credit you 600% for any downtime not due to natural causes. This is the best CRM guarantee in the marketplace.

Get a Demonstration

Easy to use and powerful. Let us demonstrate how this is going to rock your marketing team.

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