CRM Features

The versatility of our CRM ensures that you don’t sacrifice anything when you migrate to BettaWerks. Well – you will lose high cost! But we’re betting that you won’t miss that.

Our Features

Everything You Need and More
to Organize Your Sales and Marketing

Unlimited Users

As many users as you need. The price is the same. Only limited by database storage size.

Salesforce Migration

Use the self-service tool to migrate all your crucial data from Salesforce.


Increase business efficiency by customizing sales and marketing processes for your business.

Secure Backups

Your data is secure and protected with daily snapshot backups.

Customer Experience

360 degree view of customers allowing you to create stronger, personalized relationships.

Feature Rich

Fourteen powerful, easy-to-use modules organize key business processes – your way. 

Performance Based

Standard performance first. Add Mid and Extreme performance as your business grows.

Scheduled Tasks

Hourly, two minute and one minute interval scheduled tasks to maintain organization.

Enable Sales Teams

Take advantage of enriched customer views to sell quicker with better frame of reference.

Concerned about moving to a new platform?

Let BettaWerks expertly migrate all your data, templates, campaigns and more so you don’t miss opportunities.

Our CRM Software Modules

You receive the entire stack of modules with every plan.


Pull company accounts from marketing automation or enter new accounts. Many contacts can be assigned to accounts.


Record all your inbound and outbound communications and set reminders to followup with contacts.


Track & assess campaigns including Calls, Events, Tasks and more. Know your customer participation level.


All contact become qualified leads when communications and opportunites arise through relationship building.


Sent and received customer documents can be uploaded, read and modified and can be associated to individual records.


Compose, Send, Save and Receive from sales person account or group account. Interfaces with our Marketing Automation.


Create, store, retrieve and send invoices to customers. Invoices can easily be created from customer quotes.


Prospects you have not created a relationship with. Webinars, Social Media, Trade Shows, campaigns all create leads.


Knowing specific customer details such as the most opportune time to close and win the sale of your product or service.


Produce .pdf templates of all business documents to standardize and speed communications to customers.


Create a catalog of the products and services your business offers. Users can select them for customer quotes.


Create customer quotes for products and services or use a customized template. Quotes can convert to invoices.


Improve productivity by allowing users to concentrate on business customers. Reminders notify of upcoming tasks.


Improve efficiencies. Automate time-consuming, repetative tasks. Free your team to concentrate on growing business.

A Microsoft Outlook plugin is available.

Productivity Increase

Combine all our modules with a super user-friendly design and your team will be more organized and efficient than ever.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Worthy User & Admin Training

Subscribe to purchase training videos for your entire organization to learn from. Training is segregated into three categories: Users, Admins and Technical.

600% Uptime Guarantee

CRM and Marketing Automation are critical business systems. We guarantee  24/7 availablity or we will credit you 600% for any downtime not due to natural causes. This is the best CRM guarantee in the marketplace.

Thank you for your time and interest in BettaWerks.

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