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Why invest time and money into products that only give you part of the tools your company needs to compete for sales? BettaWerks starts you out with the entire Marketing Automation feature set from day one.

Our Features

Plans include these features & more!


Unlimited Automation

Unlimited Automation allows you to concentrate efforts on closing sales prospects.

Unlimited Campaigns

Run campaigns until you’re blue in the face. Email like there’s no tomorrow. 

Unlimited Emails

Email blasting is a small part of marketing. Now you can email  with purpose! 

Unlimited Users

Large or small, everyone on your marketing team can be setup with unique access.

Some of Our Capabilities

What can marketing automation do?


Along with SEO, you can drive more organic visitors to your site and generate interactions. Know which pages of your site they visit to learn about their interests in your company.

Use dynamic web content to build personalized messages that customer remember and feel good about. For instance, present a popup message using their name with a special limited offer. Or present a survey asking for a rating or feedback and in return provide downloadable industry news or a useful guide to your product or service and success stories.

Let your imagination run wild, our product keeps up!


Know who’s interested in your programs, products and services. Create engaging content that is personalized to build loyalty. Use targeted marketing strategies based on real time customer data instead of guessing what they want and need.

Produce campaigns that prospects will engage with and re-engage non-responsive contacts in order to maintain interest in your company. Each tool and concept you master generates additional sales opportunities.

Learn yearly sales cycles, modify your marketing strategy on the fly and harmonize marketing efforts to maximize efficiency.


As your marketing skills improve, you will begin to recognize purchase trends over time. Make recommendations based upon buying trends of your other customers.

Amazon attributes as much as 35 percent of sales to cross-selling to “Customers who bought this item also bought” or “Frequently bought together” item lists.

Cross-sell other items that work well with the one being purchased to grow additional sales.

Trends will also reveal with an item is losing its appeal and help with business decisions to discontinue and/or pick up a new product. 


Close more sales through lead scoring. This is based on activity response to your campaigns, social marketing, dynamic content, text messaging and more.  As your list of interested customers grows, nurture campaigns create more demand for your offering.

BettaWerks marketing campaign management clearly reports who opened your emails, who downloaded your materials, who visited your web pages and more.

If you conduct A/B campaigns you can determine which offers have the greatest success.

Personalize web, email and other marketing messages based upon interests displayed toward specific products or services.


Multi-Touch marketing using active and passive marketing such as email, text messaging, dynamic web content, assets and social media marketing will vastly improve your results.

This is why all our plans include all the Marketing Automation features. We believe that small companies with limited advertising budgets should still have the same marketing power as large conglomerates. Smaller companies need more help to compete in the marketplace….not less.



Over 30 plugins

Included at no additional charge, these plugins will keep you organized, connected and in touch with your contacts.

We even include a Zapier plugin to connect to even more applications.

If you need extended CRM capabilities, add our feature rich solution that bi-directionally shares data with our Marketing Automation.

Perfect Tools – Fast Results

You need more than email blasting. You need a customer interface portal. One that knows when your visitors visit your website and what they liked.

Expand your marketing potential and save money at the same time. Let BettaWerks set up your marketing to instantly recognize contacts and respond with automated actions.

It’s like having an employee who works 24 x 7 x 365 days a year!

Why Choose BettaWerks?

Our expert marketeers have worked with some of the biggest companies to run successful mulit-tiered marketing campaigns netting vast amounts of profits.


It’s working for us and it will work for you.

We put more tools in your arsenal

If you’re a mechanic, it requires an assortment of tools to become a master. The same is true with Marketing Automation. More marketing tools equals better success rates. We give you all the tools starting day one.

Flexible prices month-to-month

We allow purchased lists to be loaded on our platform. If you have a large lists but will only be marketing to a small number of them that month, we discount the cost. Just call ahead of time.

Helping you grow, not picking your pocket.

Other providers start you out with very low monthly prices but they don’t offer any useful features. You’ll quickly need to upgrade to more expensive plans. We give you all the features that only their most expensive plans offer.

Training & Consulting

Watch our how-to videos or hire our consultants.

Your onboarding experience will be smooth. We’ll help you get started. If you have an email template design let us know. If you need help planning – we’re here for you.

Free step-by-step training videos

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Web and on-site training

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