Marketing Automation Features

Learn more about all the available features included with every one of our plans starting with our $49 plan. No need to upgrade to more expensive plans to get additional marketing power because you already have it all!

Our Most Popular Features

All features are included with our $49 plan. There’s nothing more to buy.

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Unlimited Automation

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Users

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Many of the features listed below are unlimited. This is not a complete feature list.

Add Custom Fields

Contact Nurturing

Dynamic Data

Integrates Everwhere

Lead Scoring

Team Training

Asset Management

Contact Tracking

Email Templates


No LIcense Fees

Text Messaging

Audience Analytics


Flexible Offerings

Landing Pages


Training Videos

Campaign Marketing

Dripflow Programs

Increase Leads

Lead Assignment

Social Media

Website Tracking

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Why Choose BettaWerks?

We are a small, certified U.S. veteran owned business. Over the years we learned that it takes many marketing tools to be effective in today’s competitive business environment. Our goal is to help other businesses save money but still receive all the marketing power available that’s necessary to provide businesses the best chances for success.

Better Investment

With BettaWerks, you keep more of your money to grow your business instead of someone elses.

Features and Capabilities

Marketing Automation consists of many powerful features and you get them all starting with our lowest cost plan. Our larger plans cost less. All you lose by changing to BettaWerks is the high cost.

Small and Determined

As a small growing business our goal is to constantly uncover ways to cut our costs so that we can pay-it-forward to our customers. The more efficiently we run our organization the better our deals become.

Low-Cost and High Value

You need to grow your business and need to partner with someone who will provide as many tools as possible to empower your team to market effectively without wasting a lot of time and money. BettaWerks is your answer. Yes, competitors will match our low prices and match many of our feature sets if pushed, but why should they need to be asked? What’s to prevent prices from escalating once you’re locked in?

Ownership and Control

You own your data

BettaWerks does not hold your data hostage in order to lock you into our services. We believe in offering more value and customer service and charging less. That’s the best way to build long-lasting business relationships.

You own and control your data.

Discounts if you market a small % of a big list.

We let you upload purchased U.S. Contact lists.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Worthy User & Admin Training

Subscribe to purchase training videos for your entire organization to learn from. Training is segregated into three categories: Users, Admins and Technical.

600% Uptime Guarantee

CRM and Marketing Automation are critical business systems. We guarantee  24/7 availablity or we will credit you 600% for any downtime not due to natural causes. This is the best CRM guarantee in the marketplace.

Come tour our prouct

Let us boast about the features, versatility and power of our products. We’d enjoy scheduling a demonstration of Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management.