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It’s easy to get started in FIVE EASY STEPS.

Powerful yet easy to use!

You hired us to help grow your business. Thank you. We’re honored! Here’s how easy it is to begin your first campaign.

This is also explained in our video training. Select “Free Courses”.

After a two day setup period you’re ready to build your first campaign. The 5 steps below show how easy it is to get started.

Add tracking code.

Go to Mautic setting>Configuration>Tracking Setting.  Copy the code and provide it to your web engineer to add to each of your sites pages. This allows you to understand your web visitors interests.

Learn more in our video training. Select “Free Courses”.


Import your contacts.

Add any number of custom fields important to your business. There’s no limit.

Import your contacts. Consider segmenting them for improved response.

Learn more in our video training. Select “Free Courses”.


Start your 1st campaign!

Consider what you want to measurably accomplish. Email campaigns are the most common starting place. But you’re in the big leagues now and your marketing is going to evolve to become more effective. Have you automated some actions to take with your current marketing platform in the following common scenarios?

1. The Email is unopened?
2. The Email is opened – no links are clicked?
3. One link clicked? More are clicked?
4. One Page visited? More visited?
5. The user revisits a page frequently even when you have not campaigned?
6. Users visit social media, web pages and watch videos?

BettaWerks offers unlimited ways to respond to each scenario differently. Our Marketing Automation software allows you to try again or try another approach or to display specific information based upon accumulated interest level to certain products or services.

Don’t worry, our expert consultants and trainers have years of experience to help guide you every step of the way.

Begin by using one of the many professional templates and modify it to suit your business needs.

Learn more in our video training. Select “Free Courses”.

Target your audience.

Create unlimited segments from 1 to any number of contacts.  Targeting improves response and leads to more sales. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Interpret your outcomes!

What results occurred? Did they match expectations? If, “yes” what are the next steps? Perhaps move contacts into new contact segments or begin an A/B campaign for a specific item or service. With each step you learn more about when a customer is ready to buy from you.

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