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Our Marketing Automation installation, setup and 7 days of training is $495.00. We train you to use features to automate everything such as email blasts, automations, categories, tagging, understanding the results and more. You will learn to personalize your buyers experiences to close more sales.

Grow your business, not your marketing provider.

See how much more BettaWerks gives you, view our comparisons.

We no longer sell a monthly subscription. It is far less costly for you to own the marketing application and run it without any constraints.

QuixTec, our IT subsidary and Microsoft Authorized Partner, installs and trains you for an entire week for $495.00.

Upload Lists and Market to U.S. Contacts

Be pro-active and reach out to customers who might not otherwise learn about your product or service. Especially if your web page ranking isn’t high. 70% of searchers only contact the top three listings of a search results page. 


Grow Your Sales!

& Improve your SEO Score

Marketing success is a numbers game – begin reaching potential new customers by the thousands today.

Target Your Market

Target the market segments to find, attract and engage the audience most likely to buy your product.

Purchase targeted U.S. contact lists, upload them and immediately begin targeting thousands of new buyers!

Use Our Innovation

Most companies expect you to concentrate on getting customers to find you. We help you find your customers proactively!

We are the only platform offering this ultra-effective marketing solution!

Convert & Close

It’s all about the results. We help you proactively find thousands of customers who would probably never find you. Find new customers fast!

AcademyOcean found that forms with 5 to 7 fields are most popular?


Target, Attract, Convert

Marketing has changed. BettaWerks’ feature-rich platform gives you the latest technological edge.

Reach New Contacts

Immediately gain a competitive marketing advantage with the unique marketing capability recently introduced by BettaWerks! It is commonly known that early technology adopters often gain the lions share of the market. Will you lead or follow?

Businesses who follow-up online leads in less than five minutes were nine times more likely to convert them into customers.
(Ziff Davis, 2019)

Increase Sales Productivity

Quickly and easily send emails about your products and services. Produce them in advance and schedule the date of execution.

Top Channels to drive leads for Pipelines?
67% – Email
60% – Website
50% – Search
(2018 Demand Benchmark Survey)

Collect Actionable Data

Know exactly which customers have an interest in your product or service and the most opportune time to reach out to close more sales.

KYC – Know Your Customers. The top priority for all marketing experts.
(Richard Quatier, 2020)

Analyze Customer Data

Knowing your contacts and customers requires data … lots of it. BettaWerks provides incredible details to provide insights and opportunities to close more deals.

Customers are expected to prioritize excellent service and superior product quality in 2020.
(CMO Survey, Aug 2019)

Target Audiences

Today, if your content isn’t relevant or useful to your customer segment, they will find what they need elsewhere. We help you create that strategic and targeted marketing campaign that is vital in today’s competitive marketplace to pique interest levels and increase demand.

The number one goal for content marketing is lead generation.
(emedia Sep 7, 2016)

Instant Analytics

BettaWerks instantly returns campaign results to allow you to strike when the iron is hot! Receive rate, Open Rate, Read Rate, Clicks, Add Scoring, Web Pages Viewed, Kick off additional automation, auto notifications to contact high interest leads and more! There are no limits to how much you use your new capabilities!

Why spend more for marketing? Low ROI is one of two reasons 80% of marketers will abandon personalization by 2025.

Limitless Features

Because we give you all the marketing tools starting out, you are limited only by your imagination and creativity. If you are a seasoned marketing pro then you will love all the features. If you are a beginner, we have experts who love to show you the ropes. Alternatively, if you are a self-starter, rely upon our free training materials.

Savvy, experienced marketers state their first priority in 2020 is to reduce marketing costs and improve ROI.
(Richard Quatier, 2020)

Organized Sales Cycle

Use marketing to connect and build trust with contacts and customers. CRM organizes your internal sales and communications. See the entire customer journey from first interest to closed sale.

According to marketers, the biggest benefit of automation is saving time.
(Venture Harbor, 2017)

Free Training Videos

Ever expanding video training from professionals to help you get the best results from our powerful marketing platform. You can watch them as many times as you want and it is free!

Video is 75% more likely to be watched over reading documents, emails or web articles.
(Forrester Research)


Helping Your Success

Marketing Strategy & Planning

If you want more results from your marketing efforts, our experts can help. Doing the same email blast over and over with slight variations on a theme isn’t enough.

Consult with our marketers. They have years of broad ranging experience in Passive and Active marketing techniques to help you plan and kickoff proven methods that produce greater success.

Full Scale Marketing Produces Best ROI! Don't Believe it?
Full scale marketing returns the best results. That’s why the dominant corporations use all the tools we give you with our startup plan.

Don’t believe it? Watch this webcast “8 Steps to B2B Marketing Success” by Holger Schulze [Founder, B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn] and Ken Chow [CEO, Growth Curve Marketing].

Free and Low Cost Plans, Should You Trust Them?

Today’s popular marketing platforms employ expensive pyramid pricing where your starting price is attractively low or free. Eventually you realize that only their most expensive plans give you all the marketing power you actually need to grow your business and compete in the marketplace.

BettaWerks is different. All our plans come with enterprise-level marketing features from day one! You have every bit of marketing power you will ever need. The only difference between our least expensive plan and most expensive one is the number of contacts you have.

We believe that pyramid pricing is the reason why Gartner’s predicts that personalization will ultimately be considered too costly. BettaWerks gives you personalization free with every plan!

Let BettaWerks help you build your business faster with the money you save month after month.

High cost is a reason that Gartner predicted that by 2025, 80% of marketers will abandon personalization, “Lack of ROI”.

Ultimate Sales and Marketing Organization
Create the ultimate sales and marketing organization by adding full-featured CRM.  You will have a marketing platform so feature-rich you’ll be envied by your peers.

If a comprehensive overview and control of your marketing landscape is important then MA plus CRM is the bees knees! You’ll have unlimited capability, power and versatility at a price that is unrivled in the marketplace!

Less Time Generating Sales - More Time Closing Sales!
If you are marketing B2C – Social Media spending is expected to increase by 73% in the next five years. (CMO Survey 2019)

If you are marketing B2B – Linked In still leads the Social Media platforms in effectivness.

B2B or B2C, BettaWerks delivers more so you spend less time generating sales and more time closing sales.


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As a small veteran owned business, we created this platform for our own marketing needs and it has surpassed our expectations. We want to pay-it-forward and share it with other businesses. Let us help you maximize your marketing results and ROI.

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