We want your journey into Marketing Automation to be as efficient and productive as possible. Enjoy watching these quick training videos.

Other videos are available upon paid subscriptions in our Training section.

Intro to BettaWerks

Learn more about our company and why you should choose our team to help your marketing efforts.

5 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Marketing Automation 101

Understand Marketing Automation and the advantages you gain over simple email blasting.

7 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Why Marketing Automation and What to Expect

It isn’t enough to understand and begin using advanced marketing techniques. Know what to expect when you begin employing the same tactics that help big companies remain big and grow bigger.

10 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Compare SaaS, Self-Hosted and Proprietary Marketing Platforms

BettaWerks offers SaaS and Self-Hosted solutions. Learn the benefits between each one before you make a choice and open your wallet. An ounce of prevention …. you know how it goes.

9 min.               CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Jackie & Vicki


Jackie and Vicki have years of experience in the marketing arena and are seasoned experts. They know industry guidelines and optimum Marketing Automation strategies for small startup businesses and large enterprises.

Since BettaWerks gives you every feature with every plan, learning them will take time. Jackie and Vicki will customize and design your plan around your company goals and guide you every step of the way. Both of them have the ability to simplify even the most complicated tasks. With their training, you’ll be an expert in no time.

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